Content Creation: It’s Just Not That Simple

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Content Creation: It’s Just Not That Simple

To produce great content, you need more than a handsome vocabulary. The best content will answer important questions and help clients to see helpful solutions that point to you being the company of choice.

Content creation, otherwise known as website copywriting, is an integral part of website design while it also plays a role in your online marketing.

Should you be planning to write your own content instead of entrusting this time-consuming task to our copywriter, you need to understand how to appeal to your client’s information needs. Providing unique insight, useful information and ensuring that the information is presented in an easy to read way, without the content being drastically affected by the passing of time, is the ideal way to go. But ideal doesn’t always mean realistic.

Take a Step Back…

The best way to approach content creation, and the way that we often do it, is to step back and take a good look at the situation. Will the content we create perfectly answer to the needs of those reading it? Do we have a good understanding of the type of client we want to reach? Can we present the content in such a way that it will be easy to follow?

We consider sentence structure, the wording we use and we have a look at competitor websites.

While you might know your company inside and out, think about whether your client would have the kind of insight you do. Why would they? They know the basics of your products and services, but they don’t know all the ins and outs. And this is where your website content comes in and has the ability to play a BIG role in the overall success of your online marketing.

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…And then a giant leap forward

One thing we have noticed is that once a client chooses to focus on their content marketing and start a genuine plan of action, they are able to transform their marketing and improve their sales through the use of their content.

Once you go on a proper planning and content creation spree, there will be no stopping the progress that you can eventually make. Writing unforgettable content, using blogging platforms and outreaching with your blogs, making your presence known on various, relevant industry forums is a great starting point. But this kind of approach is a long-term job rather than a quick sprint to something figment of a digital marketing finish line.

Content creation has to be done on an ongoing basis. To be blatantly honest, a once off approach is both pointless and it’s costly. You need to get a good rhythm going in terms of creating the content and distributing it. In the creation process, ensuring that the content is beautifully laid out and edited in such a way that it is easy and fun to read, is incredibly time-consuming.

And even if you have someone on your staff to do it, it’s still going to come with a price tag.

Although we are all taught to write at school, not all kinds of writing are suitable for the web or for the content marketing industry. We always like to remind our clients that writing is a matter of preference, which comes down to your tastes and that is often determined by what you read. What you like and what you might think is suitable for a website might not be what others think is good. And the thing is, THAT IS OKAY. We don’t all have to like the same thing; there is art in diversity.

Where am I going with this, you ask? I’m thinking that you might hire a copywriter to do your writing work for you, as an alternative to tackling it yourself. And there is a mighty good chance that you end up initially disliking or even hating the content you receive. Few writers are going to hit the mark right off the bat. Working together, and getting to a point where you love the content you are buying can take time.

You might think that this is a negative, a time taker, a bit of a waste. But when you wait and work together with your hired copywriter, you can, together, make something magical.

A copywriter, whether based in Johannesburg or Nelspruit generally has training and many years of experience. They are not your average writers. They do your marketing through powerful storytelling. Engaging with the reader, bringing them into the story and gripping them to the point where your reader is ready to support your company is what any copywriter does best.

There are a number of ways your copywriter can create natural, engaging content for your website. Here are a few of the most popular ways:

  • Onsite content
  • SEO copywriting
  • Blogging
  • Press Releases
  • Guest Blogging
  • Newsletter creation
  • Infographics (with the assistance of a graphic designer)
  • Social media snippets

Allow us to help you save time and money

Our copywriting services in Johannesburg are ideal for any company, of any size or industry. We have loads of experience in online marketing and our copywriting services perfectly complement our vast website creation capabilities. Working seamlessly to provide you with the very best in all things digital marketing, we go out of our way to gain a better understanding of what kind of content you need. And then we work alongside our clients to ensure that you get what you need.

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