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Google AdWords is the paid method that gets you onto the first page of Google, but only if you have put in the winning bid for the position and keyword you want. Unlike conventional advertising, Pay Per Click not only gives you full control over the budget you use, but it will also ensure that you actually reach the right audience. Advertising in a magazine or newspaper is effective for reaching a general audience, but Google AdWords allows you to reach a specific audience without wasting money.

If your site needs more than basic SEO, and should you feel as though you are not getting anywhere near as many conversions you thought you would, perhaps it is time to have a look at Google AdWord Management Services.

As a web design agency, we specialise in creating effective, affordable Google AdWords for our clients. Although we can’t change the price Google sets, we take a creative approach to campaigns and approach Pay Per Click from a different angle. Not only does our team set up campaigns but we also closely monitor the progress of each ad.

Many companies have enjoyed the benefits of having Google AdWords running in the Johannesburg area. Our AdWord services include display ads, search ads and video ads. Each campaign starts off with intense keyword research. This helps us to make sure that we are hitting all of the right marks from the get-go!

Google Ad
Google Ad

AdWords Management includes the setting up of a campaign while also sending reports to inform you about where your campaign money is going every month. Pay Per Click means just that; for every visitor who clicks on your Ad, you will spend a portion of your budget. By looking at the progress of your campaign, we can determine where new strategies need to be implemented and change your campaign accordingly. With AdWord management, your costs are minimised and you can actually save money. Management also means remarketing when necessary.

As an online marketing and web design agency in Johannesburg, we have seen the advantages that AdWords can add to any advertising strategy. With Google AdWords, you can get the best leads which means a handsome return on your investment.

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Our team knows how to expertly lay out your AdWords so that you get the most out of your paid for the campaign. Get in touch with our team today to find out more about our pricing and services.

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