MMP Online Web Design in Johannesburg: Doing What We Do Best

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MMP Online Web Design in Johannesburg: Doing What We Do Best

MMP Online is Nelspruit’s most artistic and versatile web design companies. Our creative studio might be based in a small, sleepy town, but our vibrant team is anything but dozy! Since dominating the Nelspruit scene, helping businesses of all sizes to set up an unbelievably powerful web presence, we started looking beyond the confines of the Lowveld to the bright lights of Johannesburg.

Our web design company is well-known for being affordable, flexible and always ready to go beyond client expectations. Our list of services provides everything you could need to get your online marketing off the ground and to help your company stay relevant in an age where companies are a dime a dozen.


Web Design

Web design in Johannesburg is our main business. We are great at what we do and we are always on the lookout for new opportunities to improve the services that we have to offer. This means we network and stay up to date on the latest design trends while we also keep up with Google’s latest practices in order to create sites that are more than just a pretty thing to look at.

Designed with purpose and with the end user in mind, our websites load fast, are easy to navigate and will give your clients the information they need, without them having to struggle to find it!

We also specialise in e-commerce website design in Johannesburg. As a business owner, one selling products, in particular, is going to benefit from having an e-commerce website.

Social Media

With so many people having access to and regularly using social media, such as Facebook, this is an underappreciated, yet powerful online marketing tool. When a business has a world-class social media strategy. But who has the time or the resources to put together a great campaign? MMP Online creates the content and the graphics that will boost your company and make you more visible to your audience in the social media sphere.


Search Engine Optimisation. It is 2018, you are more than likely to have heard this term and you might even be keen on giving your website the SEO treatment. SEO in Johannesburg can be implemented locally, you make your company website more visible to those closest to you, in the hope that those closest to you will support you. SEO is tricky, it requires a strategy and when you work with a sub-par company and the SEO is done wrong, it can actually damage your online presence.

Our other services include Pay Per Click AdWords, and Copywriting, both of which are focused on helping you build a killer online face for your company. Ready to take things to the next level? Talk to us.


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