The Other Great Website Browsers You Need To Know About

The Other Great Website Browsers You Need To Know About

We’re online all day. It’s simply a part of our day to day work. Naturally, we have tried out all kinds of browsers in the effort to find the one that perfectly suits our needs. Although FireFox and Google Chrome are certainly favourites for a number of reasons (they are so fast, so neat, so extension filled), we have to admit that there are many other great alternatives when you are looking for a different way to browse the web.

To kick this blog off…did you know that there are different browsers for different purposes?

It’s true. Would we lie to you? Definitely not! There are a variety of different browsers that you can choose from and each can provide you with something that another might not. Browsers are developed with the end users’ needs in mind, which might explain why FireFox is loved by many web designers and Chrome is more for everyday use.

We did some research (using Chrome, because it’s quick and easy) and found the great web browsers that suit specific purposes. In this blog, we’re going to break down the browsers according to what they are ideal for.

Enough chat! Let’s jump right in…

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Media Purposes

Many of us use a browser to access various kinds of media. Whether it is watching videos or downloading them, you’ll find that Citrio is a good choice. The browser has a number of integrated features that you can look forward to including a bit-torrent client, a video saver, a proxy switcher, and a helpful download manager. This download manager will allow you to pause, stop and speed up anything you are downloading. The results are well worth it and you should give this browser a try if you are looking for a browser that is media friendly.

Light Browsing

For older machines and laptops, Midori is the browser for you. Most browsers are guaranteed to use a LOT of RAM, which slows down the PC or laptop. The reason for this browsers simplicity and quick use is that it has very few integrated systems and very few extensions. You can rely on Midori for checking emails, doing web searches and occasionally accessing your social media.

For the gamer

Why would a gamer need a specific web browser you ask? Coowon is a browser designed with the gamer in mind and it has a separate window that allows a user to log into different game accounts and it even has a shortcut key that will allow you to hide your games if need be. This browser can increase game speed and save you time.

The writer’s browser

When you are doing plenty of research and find yourself with 20 different websites open, you will love having SpaceTime3D. This is an application rather than a browser, but it allows you to preview the Google pages you have open and scroll through the sites without clicking on the links. This enables you to quickly read through the content, without slowing down your browser. For the writer who is going to access dozens of web pages, this app is a must.

The radical rethink

Opera Neon rethinks the conventional browser and gives it an exceptionally unique interface and a bunch of new tools that will make your online browsing experience a whole lot easier. The browser is designed to look like your average desktop. The browser is still in its conceptual stages but you can get a taste for it by downloading it.

The Right Tool for the Job

We do just about everything via a web browser. We’re online all day and we take full advantage of the various tools and extensions that enable us to provide you with the very best web design in Johannesburg. From looking for inspiration, to finding images, templates and information for content creation, we depend on finding and always using the best browser to get the job done right.

So, which browser do you depend on every day?

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